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The Hungarian Cement, Concrete and Lime Association (CeMBeton) was founded on the 6th of February 1991, with the contribution of 14 founder members and was originally named the Hungarian Cement Association. During the last couple years, the original member circle has changed – due to particular corporate alternations, cancellation or secession of some member societies. Since 2013, CeMBeton expanded its professional and representative activities, which are set to help the subsistence and progress of the industry. During this time the Association adopted the name of CeMBeton as well.

Nowadays it represents domestic manufacturers as well. For the sake of efficient work, the Association adopted a new corporate structure and set up new branches – all measures were taken to help and support members, and to create a standard representation of the industry.

During the 2010’s, the Association has been renewed in perspective of image and name as well, so now visuals emphasise adjustment to new standards. With the new CeMBeton logo (where C stands for Cement, M for lime (mész in Hungarian) and Beton for concrete), the Association indicates the industries it represents. Its new slogan – foundation of construction – indicates the importance of the product line which is manufactured by CeMBeton’s members.

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The mission of the Hungarian Cement, Concrete and Lime Association are diversified. The main objective is to improve the position of the Hungarian industries it represents, and to increase general trust towards the utilization of cement and concrete structures. In order to reach these goals, the Association cooperates with stakeholders on a professional ground in the fields of Regulation, Environmental Protection and Professional Education, by expressing the policies, strategies and opinions coming from the industry, representing its interests, both in Hungary and abroad.

The objectives are covering the below major fields:

  • Economy and development policy tasks: The Association monitors the general economic and market conditions and makes conclusions about how they affect industrial production. This activity also includes ordering, collecting and providing analytics about the current processes and forecasts.
  • Promote the development of environment friendly technologies: The Association performs organizing activities in the fields of quality policies and standardization, and acts as a coordinator in case of environmental protection topics. It also offers professional support for the safe use of cement, lime and concrete products.
  • Improve the general approval of concrete products: The Association works to improve the acceptance, professional and scientific prestige of the concrete, as well as the economic and environmental considerations of the concrete, by participating various events, building press relations, publishing press releases, publications and newsletters, performing press monitoring and – if necessary – by disclosing reactions and statements.
  • Advocacy of the industry: a part of the Association’s members are companies in energy-intensive industries, and as they are committed to preserve the environment, they support the EU’s and Hungary’s strives to this direction. To this end, the Association engages with regulators on national and EU level as well and supports this activity with its professional positions. The Association’s membership in the European Cement Association (Cembureau) and in the Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists (MGYOSZ) also serves this purpose, as well as the participation in the Sectorial Dialogue Committee in Hungary.
  • Education: the Association considers the support of higher education as a top priority. The experts of the member companies hold practice-oriented classes in 6 technical universities in Hungary. Beside this the Association also helps secondary education with professional training materials and publications and provides publications and online tools to broaden the general knowledge of the population from kindergarten age to adults.
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In defining objectives, planning activities and protecting interest, the Association takes environmental and sustainability aspects into account, keeping the following goals in sight:

  • To ensure a sustainable development, limitation of the use of natural resources is necessary, as well as the reduction of the amount of waste generated and so the reduction of the increasing load on the ecological system.
  • Apply the BAT (Best Available Technique) and Integrated Environmental Management System in order reduce environmental impacts, with respect to air pollution in particular.
  • Increase the utilization of waste as fuel and raw material in accordance with the National Waste Management Policy of Hungary, and thus to reduce global carbon emissions and replace fossil fuels.
  • Reducing climate changing carbon emissions by improving the energy efficiency of cement manufacturing, replacing fossil fuels with waste-based fuel and using cement additives.
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The main organ of the Association is the General Assembly, composed of delegated representatives of the members. The General Assembly has the competence to make decision in strategic, membership related and other topics, in accordance with the Constitution of the Association. 

The representative of the Association is the President, who is elected to a three-years term by the six-member Board, which is elected by the General Assembly. The President handles representative and management tasks. The presidency is a social assignment and after the expiration of this mandate, all functions linked to it cease as well. The task of the Board is to support the President and the General Assembly, to formulate recommendations and to take part in decision making.

The administrative and service tasks related to the operation of the Association are managed by the CeMBeton Office, a body created for this purpose within the structure of CEMKUT Ltd., and supported by its infrastructure, laboratory and staff. The Manager of the CeMBeton Office is a Board Member of the Association. The Manager operates under the direction of the President.

The Association has five Committees and four Branches.

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The Constitution of the Hungarian Cement, Concrete and Lime Association can be downloaded here.

The Association’s Business Code Of Ethics can be downloaded here.

The Association’s Data Protection Policy – in compliance with the GDPR - can be downloaded here.

The Appendix about Handling the Data of the Association’s members, clients and partners – in compliance with the GDPR – can be downloaded here.

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Leaders of CeMBeton:

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