Hungarian Cement Concrete and Lime Association
Magyar Cement-, Beton- és Mészipari Szövetség


The Hungarian Cement, Concrete and Lime Association provides various activities during the operative execution of its mission.

The Association’s main task is to support concrete architecture , to widen the use of concrete in various fields and to promote and objectively present its useful attributes and benefits. This Association performs this task in close cooperation with the Hungarian Concrete Manufacturers Association (MABESZ). More information in this topic can be found at, and also by visiting the relevant Facebook and Instagram profiles.

The Association uses several tools to promote concrete, such as appearing as an expert in industry-related events, creating and publishing various online and print publications like the BETON professional magazine and the CeMBeton online newsletter. These publications also help to inform stakeholders about the continuous development of the industry, and to keep the professional network alive.

The Association also organizes events: in cooperation with the Hungarian Concrete Manufacturers Association (MABESZ), the Association hosts the Concrete Festival since 2015, which is held every year in Autumn, with an attendance growing year-by-year.

The Association announces tenders supported by its member companies and also by the members of MABESZ, available for designers ad university students in several categories. You can find up-to-date information about the ongoing tender called A „Foundation of all construction – Tender about concrete for designers and students” at

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