Hungarian Cement Concrete and Lime Association
Magyar Cement-, Beton- és Mészipari Szövetség


By placing the emphasis on wider technical aspects the Hungarian Cement Concrete and Lime Association expanded its activities related to the industry and advocacy, thus helping the survival and development of the field. Its representation covers the wide scope of domestic construction material manufacturers. In order to support efficient work the Association establishes a new organizational structure with new separate branches.

We aim to help and support the members and create a standard industry representation.

CEMKUT Cementipari Kutató-fejlesztő Kft.

News, events

  • 2017. March 17. 
  • 2017. February 20. 
  • 2016. December 02. 
  • 2016. October 20. 
  • 2016. October 18.